The Bright Life Podcast

Embodying the Divine with Nina Petruzzo

March 08, 2021 Season 1 Episode 6
The Bright Life Podcast
Embodying the Divine with Nina Petruzzo
Show Notes

How much time do you spend in your body? Do you lead with your mind or your heart? Nina Petruzzo is an embodiment coach for female entrepreneurs, and she generously shares incredible nuggets of wisdom about the potent practice of embodiment.

She and Samantha discuss how women can come home to themselves through embodiment practices, the role embodiment plays in female leadership, and the often-messy and uncomfortable work of getting there. They also talk about how these practices create a feeling of more safety in our bodies, and when we feel safe, we create room to experience more pleasure and receptivity!

Think about the times you recently experienced pleasure. Consider the way it felt in your body. This interview will have you ready to slow down, breathe more deeply, and make a greater shift into the feeling body. Your homework this week: do something solely for pleasure - not productivity, not work, not healing, pleasure - and notice where it lands in your body.

Nina combines her scientific/practical knowledge of the human body, the nervous system, and psychology with my intuitive/heart-centered approach in energetics, holistic healing, and somatic embodiment. She is gifted at seeing your possibility and reflecting to you your magic. She has walked beside dozens of women as they’ve chosen themselves, their possibilities, and their unique gifts.

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