The Bright Life Podcast

Eco-Conscious Leadership with Kara Armstrong

March 22, 2021 Season 1 Episode 8
The Bright Life Podcast
Eco-Conscious Leadership with Kara Armstrong
Show Notes

Kara Armstrong's story is pretty fantastic. During a time in her life when she was managing health issues, she discovered how much in our lives can make us sick; and, how there's a direct correlation between how we take care of ourselves and how we take care of other world. That was the catalyst for her business, The Conscious Merchant, whose mission is to help you make safer and more sustainable choices for your home and family.

Eco-conscious living is a lifestyle choice. And in this episode, Kara share the importance of a slow build to your ultimate goal, not an overnight overhaul. Where is your starting place? How do you start? Kara offers some tips for creating your own personal starting plan, including lists (our favorite), budget tips, and more.

This conversation... y'all, it's just really cool. Kara has this gorgeous, non-judgemental way of bringing you into the fold of eco-conscious living, no matter where you're at in your sustainability journey. She's also an eco-encyclopedia. You'll leave this conversation invigorated and excited to take a look at your life to make better, healthier, and safer decisions for you and the beautiful world you're a part of.

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